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25. Jan, 2023

Our affiliate program allows you to earn rewards for bringing new customers to Pirsch.

How Does It Work?

Every time someone signs up through your affiliate link and becomes a paying customer, you’ll receive a reward. The reward will be added to your account balance and used to reduce the amount on your next invoice.

To copy your affiliate link, sign in and click on your account (top-right corner). Copy the link displayed at the top and send it to someone to sign up.

Affiliate Link

After clicking the link, the sign-up will be linked to your account for up to 24 hours. Afterwards, it will be counted as a regular sign-up, and you won’t receive a reward. The visitor can click your link again to make sure it is linked to your account.

How Much Can I Earn?

The reward depends on the subscription fee of the customer you brought to Pirsch. For monthly subscriptions, it will be the monthly fee ($6 for 10,000 page views, for example). For annual subscriptions, you’ll receive double the monthly fee ($60/12*2 = $10 for 10,000 page views, for example). The amount will be added to your balance once. Taxes are not included.

Who Can Participate in the Affiliate Program?

Anyone with an active Pirsch subscription can participate in the affiliate program.

Can I Pay Out the Money?

No, sorry. For various reasons (mostly tax-related), we don’t do payouts. Any balance left when unsubscribing will be discarded.