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Conversion Goals

15. Jul, 2021

Conversion goals measure how many visitors took a certain action, like visiting a blog article or a checkout page and calculate the conversion rate. You can filter the dashboard by conversion goals and track the referrers and campaigns that drive traffic. Once a set number of visitors or a conversion rate is reached, you can optionally receive a notification and automatically delete the goal.

Creating Conversion Goals

Conversion Goals can be created from the settings page.

Dashboard and Filtering

Conversion goals are listed in their own panel on the dashboard. The panel is present if you have created at least one conversion goal. It shows the unique visitor count and conversion rate and can be expanded to see more details.

Conversion Goals

The detailed view shows the pattern used for the goal, the targeted number of visitors or CR, and the views in addition to what is displayed on the panel.

Conversion Goal Details

To filter for a goal, click on one of the entries in the panel or detailed view. It will then be added as a path filter to the list of filters. Here is an example for all visitors that viewed any blog page (/blog/**).

Conversion Goal Filter