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Embedding the Dashboard

23. Jun, 2022

You can embed your dashboard on another website using an iframe, allowing you to showcase your statistics or integrate them into an application.

Embedding Your Dashboard

To embed your dashboard, you first need to make your dashboard public or create an access link.

Navigate to the access settings page and toggle the Public Dashboard option or click on Add Access Link. When creating an access link, chose a name that you will recognize later.

Access Settings

The last step is to add your public dashboard URL or access link to an iframe. Copy the URL/access link and place it inside the src attribute of the iframe. The URL is displayed below the Public Dashboard toggle, the access link is displayed after creation.

<iframe src="http://dev.pirsch.io/?domain=pirsch.io&interval=14d&ui=hide"
    style="border-width: 0;"></iframe>

In this example, we set the width and height of the iframe and removed the border. The URL has some additional parameters (?domain=...). You can copy these from your regular dashboard URL in case you would like to add filter options.

UI Options

There are additional parameters to modify the dashboard UI.