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Embedding the Dashboard

You can embed your dashboard using an iframe, allowing you to display your statistics on another website or inside an application.

Embedding Your Dashboard

To embed your dashboard, you need to make your dashboard public or create an access link on the Access settings page.

Access Settings

Copy the URL or access link and paste it into the src attribute of the iframe. The URL can be found below the Public Dashboard toggle.

<iframe src=""
    style="border-width: 0;"></iframe>

In this example, we set the width and height of the iframe and removed the border. The URL has some additional parameters (?domain=...). You can copy these from your regular dashboard URL if you want to add a filter.

UI Options

There are additional parameters to modify the user interface.

  • ui=hide will hide the Pirsch header and footer, leaving you with a cleaner dashboard
  • mode=dark or mode=light sets the dark or light mode for the dashboard. This will override the user's system settings
  • lang=ja will set the dashboard language. Provide an ISO code. Currently supported are: en, de, es, fr, nl, it, pt, ja